Edithvale- Seaford Wetland Education Centre. 

Did you know that Wetlands are among the most productive and most threatened ecosystems in the world?

Yet without them, we'd lose hundreds of bird species, wildlife, natural irrigation and plant life, to name just a few of the important roles these amazing ecosystems create.  


The Edithvale - Seaford Wetland Education Centre, operated by Melbourne Water,  is situated at 278 Edithvale Road Chelsea Heights.  It's a delightful and informative information centre that is definitely worth a visit. 


*There is an interactive camera that allows you to zoom in on most parts of the wetlands.

*Models of waterways showing how water runs from developed areas through the drainage system via the wetlands and out to sea.  

*Ways to create a rainwater garden in your home.

*Examples of how wetlands clean our water.

*Awesome recorded bird and frog sound set up on a 'press and listen' board.

*Plus so much more.


Surrounding the wetlands is a clean, grassy parkland excellent for dog walking.  At the western end of the wetlands is a delightful viewing platform, giving you a closer more hands-on look into the peaceful and abundant wildlife living within this amazing ecosystem.


If you are passionate about nature and want to help preserve this natural heritage, then consider joining 'Friends of Edithvale - Seaford Wetlands Inc.'

Contact Robin on 039786 2213 for details and for opening hours.

Terri Lee Fatouros.





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