The Auckland Blues Club - New Zealand

"At the age of 16 Oliver Stone brought out the movie THE DOORS, being a doors fan I loved it, everything about Jim Morrison fascinated me. Warner Brothers were looking for New Zealand’s Jim Morrison. They launched a campaign to find him.I walked on stage, I had 4 mins to change the course of my musical journey. The judges announced the winner. It was confirmed that i held the title of New Zealand’s Jim Morrison, and off to LA I went."

Dean is a well respected New Zealand musician and is involved with The Auckland Blues Club. Here he is playing an original.

I chatted to the delightful Henry Hugo who is an extremely talented creative musician living in Zurich, Switzerland.  His music is dark and haunting that takes you on a visual journey inside your mind. You could nearly describe Henry as a one man band seeing he plays piano, electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, pedal steel, organ, bass, harmonium and keyboard.  He has a plethora of albums to choose from for any avid collector of 'intelligent and sophisticated' international music.  Henry Hugo will be touring Australia early 2017.  In the meantime, check out his interview.  Click here to go to Henry Hugo's fb page.

The dark music of Mark Steiner has often been compared with the likes of Hugo Race, Kim Salmon and Stuart Staples (Tindersticks). After the Australian release of the lounge-noir album "Broken" in 2009 along with a few world tours, the ex-pat New Yorker finally followed up with the album "Saudade" in late 2014. Co-produced with Zürich-based artist Henry Hugo, this latest record features contributions by Mick Harvey, Sally Norvell (Congo Norvell), and many other unique musicians. The album title refers to a Portuguese word which describes "the love which remains" when faced with loss, longing or sorrow.

Recently I chatted to Mark and we discussed his latest album release along with his forthcoming tour in Australia early 2017

Sean O'Rourke lives in Jersey U.S.A and recently we chatted about a number of projects he has created and their purpose.  He is passionate about Tenth Power Networx.  A networking platform that allows many people to get together and share their passion.  Have a listen to what Sean has to say.  To learn more please click on the titles above to be taken to his website.  

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