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Maria cassar

Memphis Tennessee

Talented singer, songwriter, Maria Cassar, who hails from the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia talks about her experiences thus far whilst rubbing shoulders with some of R&B's finest in Memphis Tennessee.  She is currently surrounded by the 'Whose Who' of the Blues, Funk & Soul scene, not to forget the impromptu jamming going down with some of  'Beale Street' finest.   Check out Maria Cassar fb for the latest updates on gigs, people she's met and impromptu jams.   Awesome stuff Maria.  

May 2017


Cool Groove Blues comes to Carrum.

Who are The Jackson Four? 

They’re Australia’s Cool Groove Blues, Jazz and Swing Hammond B3 Quartet.

The Jackson Four have now been impressing audiences across Australia since 2013. And, more recently their growing following in the U.K., U.S. and Europe. Locally, they’ve appeared at festivals including the Wangaratta International Jazz, Bendigo Blues and Roots, By the Bay – Wine and Blues (Kingston), Eltham Jazz and Blues, Stonnington Jazz, Castlemaine Jazz, Mornington Winter Jazz and Frankston Waterfront to name just a few.

Overseas they have appeared at renowned Blues and Jazz clubs including, ‘Ain’t Nothin but the Blues Bar’,  Soho, ‘The Alley Cat Club’, Covent Garden and East End Jazz Club, ‘The Royal Inn on the Park’. 

The band had the opportunity to visit New Orleans. There they found generous support from the local music community, including program presenters on fabled radio station WWOZ, who continually played tracks from their CD throughout 2015, thus building the band a growing following in the U.S


The band’s distinctive style and sound is centred around the classic Hammond B3 organ. With interplay from soulful sax and vocals and driven by a strong swing, jazz, Latin rhythm and percussion section. Their music is a journey into the crossroads where Blues and Jazz intersect along with a repertoire mixing the sounds of New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Memphis blues and jazz styles.  

Recently, The Jackson Four played to a packed house at Cafe Moto in Carrum, Victoria, Australia. 

It's time to kick back with a wine and enjoy the sounds of THE JACKSON FOUR . 

The Jackson LITE

Starring Peter Jackson and Jon Wade.

The Jackson LITE delighted punters with their pre Christmas gig at The Craft & Co Farm in Bangholm recently.  Jon Wade joined Peter Jackson and performed classics from Van Morrison and Otis Redding to name a few. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Jean de Constant and his mean machine, and Wendy Wade and Kate Jackson enjoying themselves.  

For more information on The Jackson Four click here and for Jon Wade click here


December 2016 

Hailing from her stomping grounds in Southern New South Wales comes Australia's newest pop-rock sensation, Miss Mikaila!
After the release of her debut EP 'Destination Unknown' in 2015, Miss Mikaila set off on a journey around Australia on her "Destination Unknown Tour" in 2016. Over the years, Miss Mikaila has toured nationally with Michael Gorham, Joel Sulman, Gary McDonald and many more.  


"Explosive, In Your Face and Honest! Miss Mikaila is a dynamite in every way! Do not skip this artist on your playlist!!" - Joel Sulman - Even Tone Records

"Dark and Quirky yet Poppy and Up-tone. This artist is a killer performer and grabs the crowds attention from the first note!" - Ben McEnder - Music Log Magazine

With a voice that turns heads and intensity that brings down the room, Miss Mikaila sings lyrics that are honest and songs that are so catchy, you will find yourself singing them for days on end. Be sure to catch one of her shows and experience it for yourself!

Yvens De Camargo is an entrepreneur, musician and cafe owner living in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. He has set up Fresh Start Sounds, a monthly concert (last Saturday of the month from 1pm) in the Frankston Library forecourt where established and budding musicians get up and perform.  Yvens helps musicians and artists alike showcase their talent, so every Friday night between 6.30 and 9.30 an informal night of poetry and music happens. Then every Tuesday during the day he has his 'Cafe Series' on Live Streaming where various musicians gig in his cafe while streaming live on Facebook.  Check out what Yvens has to say and listen to a couple of muso's playing in his cafe. 

For more information click on the links above.  

 Aleta Tulk lives in Cairns and is a presenter for Balcony TV Cairns and bass player for The Poets & FolkCentric just to name a couple.  We chatted about the awesome scene happening music wise in Cairns. Have a listen to what Aleta has to say.

Christine Bitomsky has a delightful shop selling beautiful rockabilly/rock 'n' roll clothes world-wide. She is situated at 362 Brunswick St Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.  This fits in well with her other passion which is managing her rockabilly band, The Infernos. The Infernos are a fast paced 3-piece outfit that really get a joint rockin'.  Also Chrisitne has the 'HulaHangOut' at the back of her shop.  It's a cool little stage set up for live bands, events and parties.  Keep this in mind for summer parties. Have a listen to what Christine has to say about her lovely clothes and the band she manages. 

Check out Christine's gag reel at the end.

Damian Jordan

Chatting about all the good things going on and singing one of his originals. .

Damian Jordan is a singer/songwriter that has played in numerous bands over the years.  He toured North America for 7 weeks with The Brian Setzer Orchestra in early 2014. The experience of Nashville inspired this refreshingly honest singer-songwriter to write his own album of classic-roots inspired music, as well as blending with cover songs from Cold Chisel, CCR, The Eagles, The Band, Noiseworks, Sam Cooke, Vika & Linda and many more.  Ramble Tamble is a Creedence Clearwater Tribute Band he performs in as well.

 Andy Jans-Brown & COZ*MIC talks about his albums, Letting Go & Sunshine Avenue. His third album Hell is Light is being made into a feature film.

 What is so inspiring about Jans-Browns, apart from him writing and mixing all his songs, is that most of the tunes reflect Jans-Brown philosophy and thoughts on life.  His albums are  filled with upbeat collections of catchy sing along Indie Rock Pop sprinkled with some moving ballads.     

 Sunshine Avenue explores the impact of our conscious awareness around our own mortality through optimistic rose-colored glasses and a shake your booty Carpe Diem attitude. 

His earlier music, particularly Dressed in a woman’s clothes, made it to number one of the triple j unearthed indie chart and was nominated for a Music Oz award in 2013.  The film clip stared seven times Logie award winner, Paula Duncan. 

Jans-Brown tours Melbourne regularly.

Noel Sadler of Skip Film Productions.

A few insights into his film business

Noel Sadler is a film and documentary producer living on the Central Coast in NSW.  He has been doing some interesting things lately. With prior experience in news, films, independent films, documentaries, commercial products and audio products, Noel is delivering exciting stuff when it comes to video and film.  Check him out.  

I forgot the little recording box of me came up on screen as I interviewed Noel, so you'll see me go off camera to rescue my foot being 'play attacked' by my Jack Russell dog. 

Rick Norman & Chris Bell

Honin' their chops with a little busking in Shannon Mall, Frankston.

Couple band members from The Lorenz, Rick Norman & Chris Bell got their 'groove' on recently with some cool busking moves.  

'Partee' in The Garage'!

The lovely Naz and her gang doing what they do best .........Partying in her Garage!

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