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Marilyn Rose and the Thorns will launch "Antarctica" at the Lyrebird Lounge on Friday 4th December with support from Lilith Lane (solo).

Marilyn Rose and the Thorns are pleased to present their debut album “Antarctica”.

Marilyn Rose and the Thorns emerged from the St Kilda live music community circa 2010. Vocalist Marilyn Rose Veil, guitarist Leon Storch (Smoke Machine), guitarist Rusty Teluk (Cold Harbour), bassist Col Holst (Cold Harbour/Scourge) and drummer Jim Richter (Death Sentence/12FU) first met at the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda during the front bars glory days. Together they produce a rare and sensual explosion of vocals and an utterly unique blend of rock and roll styles.

Marilyn Rose and The Thorns performances are emotive, dramatic, sorrowful, full of darkness and cabaret with elements of pop and avant-garde. Marilyn’s persona is equal parts Shirley Bassey, David Bowie and Siouxsie Sioux.

 Marilyn Rose & The Thorns recorded with Ash Wednesday (The Models, Einstürzende Eeubauten) in 2015 and this is the result - the bands first full length album is released on
IN THE VAULT RECORDS on C.D and 180 gram 12 inch vinyl and features a special guest appearance by HUNTERS & COLLECTORS trumpet maestro Jack Howard.

 Marilyn Rose and The Thorns have played on stages large and small to enthusiastic crowds around Melbourne’s renowned live music scene at venues such as The Esplanade Hotel, The St Kilda Bowling Club, The Prince of Wales Hotel, The Greyhound Hotel, Yah Yah’s, The Lyrebird Lounge, The Town Hall Hotel, Cherry Bar, The Tote and The Great Britain Hotel as well as appearing on the local female band showcase gig known as “Goddess”, St.Kilda’s own premier local live music event “A Day By The Green” and also The Kim Salmon Living Legend’s Tribute @ The Tote.

Prepare yourself to be seduced by the hypnotic vocals of leading lady, Marilyn Rose and rocked by the dark and dazzling musicianship of her band of Thorns as well as an assemblage of musical nomads when you watch Marilyn Rose and the Thorns.

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Ramble Tamble are a five piece Melbourne band whose tribute to Creedence should be on every CCR fans wish list. It has been said that if you close your eyes you are listening to the original band and that has come about through hard work and the musical talents of the band members.

Tribute bands can try to recreate the sound or the look of an artist or band, however, the true test of a great tribute act is to inhabit their soul and deliver on stage the authenticity that goes far beyond a sound or look. This can only be achieved with passion, commitment and a true appreciation of the original act and Ramble Tamble have nailed it.

As the hits rain down with nothing missed, the slick musicianship, masterful vocals and harmonies take you to the place where CCR lived. The love for the music is clearly evident in every guitar lick and pumping rhythm and there are definitely no egos here, simply the joy of the music they all love and a dedication to giving audiences the opportunity to relive it through their live shows.

Each of the band members have had years of experience playing in top Melbourne bands, but Ramble Tamble has given each of them the chance to come together to pay homage to this amazing music in the best way they know how, by keeping it real.

RAMBLE TAMBLE   is as close as you'll ever get to see and hear the real thing live on stage. The authenticity of the performance and musical production has left audience members in awe. 

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Mojo Oil, an eight-piece classic rock cover band were carefully selected to bring together a professional team of artists and performers for a solid mixture of the best rock music and entertainment in Melbourne.

The Mornington Peninsula based outfit is Carol Jamieson and Freddo Wright-shared lead vocals, Danny Drumz on the obvious, Paul Musgrave-lead guitar,

Radpix Rad-rhythm guitar, Metal Micky-bass, Danny Oakhill (highwayman)-keyboards, Peter (Chookers) Thorpe on harmonica.

A lot of time and energy went into putting together the very best artists to create the sensational Mojo Oil band. On board as part of the Mojo Oil team is Leigh Holmes, a sound technician to insure that each show is at its best quality of live sound.

Mojo Oil set list include a variety of classic songs from The Stones, Joe Cocker, Pat Benitar, Three Doors Down,

Billy Idol, AC/DC, Joan Jet, The Angles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, Guns and Roses any many more.


Up and coming public gigs;

28th October @ Rosebud RSL

4th November @ The Grand Hotel Mornington

Christmas Eve 24th Dec @ the Rosebud RSL


For bookings or more information contact; 0431 330 765

Face book fan page..... Mojo Oil Band Official Page www.facebook.com/MojoOilrockband

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